Digital Medical Oral and Rectal Thermometer for Fever


A Must-have Item for Family
Washable probe is easy to rinse off and disinfect, so it is safe to serve more than one people.
Do remember to disinfect it in medical alcohol before using.
It is a necessary item not only for family healthcare but also at nursery, school and office during influenza season.

Digital Medical Thermometer, Oral and Rectal Thermometer for Kids and Babies, Accurate Reading Auto-Off Waterproof Thermometer for Fever

Accurate Temperature Reading
This digital medical thermometer is of high sensitivity.
When ambient temperature within 35.5℃ – 42.0℃/95.9 ºF-107.6 ºF, the error is no more than 0.1℃/0.2ºF.
Once the temperature is out of this range, the error is about 0.2℃/0.4 ºF.


Kindly NOTICE:
1. Probe waterproof only, do not immerse the whole body into water.
2. Always keep it dry, clean and hygienic.
3. Please do not bite the soft probe which may damage its sensitivity.
4. Please remove the batter if you do not use it for a long time.
5. Kids should be under the supervision of adults while checking temperature
6. We are confident of our product and know you will like it, just in case you are not satisfied with the product, please contact us directly.

If the measured temperature is below 32.0 ℃(89.6℉), LCD will display Lo ℃or Lo℉and show Hi℃ or Hi℉ once temperature is above 42.0℃/107.6 ℉.
When the ambient temperature is above 32.0 ℃(89.6℉), the thermometer will show room temperature.

Material: silicone
Measurement Range: 32.0℃~ 42.9℃ (90.0℉-109.9℉)
Battery: one 1.5 V DC. button battery
Battery Life: about 200hours of continuous operation

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